Frequently Asked Questions

 What will be included in the new facility?

New larger fitness suite

The fitness suite is 100% bigger than the current gym

New reception desk and cash office

The scheme includes a large welcoming reception space with a variety of seating options and breakout spaces for groups and families to use with viewing into the pool

New 4 lane 25m pool

Included in the pool area will be a pool pod, a lift for disabled people that provides independent dignified access into the pool

New wet village change area

An assisted change space will be provided in the wet village change area including an accessible shower, accessible toilet, hoist and changing bed. The number of lockers provided exceeds Sport England guidelines.

Retained dry change (refurbished)

The tiles will be replaced and the area re-painted.

Community kitchenette/café and multi-purpose activity space

The multi-purpose activity space will accommodate 70 people seated and have its own kitchenette attached. There is space in the reception area for a servery/café. Catering options will be tested with the community later in the year.

Squash court

1 squash court will be provided. The viewing gallery and meeting room upstairs will be refurbished.

Meeting Room

A meeting room with a kitchenette attached will be located upstairs (seating capacity 16)

5 Court Hall refurbished and re-clad

The sports hall walls will be re-insulated. The ceiling will be replaced and provide a more energy efficient solution. Sport England guidance will be considered for the flooring solution as part of the re-building plans.

Wheeled Sports Area

A space where people can skate, scoot or BMX. The design and style of the installation in the wheeled sports area will be decided by young people across the community area.

Multi-Use-Games-Area MUGA

The Multi use Games Area is already complete and offers a safe, enclosed games area. This is a dual use facility for both the school and community use. The MUGA is available for hire for tennis and netball. Bookings can be made at the Leisure Centre.

A presentation on the plans for the new facility was provided at the March Area Board meeting


When will the new facility open?

Subject to planning approval construction will start in the Autumn. The facility will open Summer 2018.

How many car parking spaces will there be?

There are 33 plus 2 accessible spaces in the new scheme. Existing provision is 27 spaces.

Will there be any community transport to help people access the site and reduce the number of vehicles?

The Area Board will be looking at options for a community bus scheme to help residents access the facility. A shuttle bus scheme has recently been set up in Salisbury for users of the Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre

Will there be a café?

There are a number of catering options that will be tested with the community over the coming months. The reception includes a servery with utilities so there is an opportunity for a local café/business to operate from the space and serve hot drinks and sandwiches. A community volunteer led café might also be an option using a local supplier or alternatively the space could be used for good quality vending.

Catering offer

Will the Community Policing Team be based at the campus?

The Policing Team will be encouraged to use the community and breakout space in the reception area along with the meeting room and multi-purpose space. Power supply will be available in the reception area along with pubic wifi access and the councils corporate network which will enable Police, Council staff and partners to use and charge equipment (such as laptops and phones) and to meet with local residents.  The hot desking area and meeting room at the library are also available for the Policing Team to use. There will be no dedicated police space provided.

Why is there only 1 squash court?

The specification for the Vale Health and Wellbeing Centre has been developed by the Campus Team, a group of local volunteers working under the Pewsey Area Board in partnership with Wiltshire Council. Low utilisation figures for the squash courts along with the requirement to provide mutli-functional space wherever possible and to increase the availability of space to community groups, led to a decision to reduce the provision from 2 courts to 1.

The meeting room and viewing gallery for the squash court upstairs will remain and will be refurbished.

What were the issues with the old pool?

A condition survey was carried out on the existing pool and it was found that some of the walls were deflecting and that the floor was sagging in parts.

This gives rise to the concern that there is something happening with the ground condition in this immediate area. Were we to use the same location we would need to take out the swimming pool basin entirely and excavate further to ascertain ground conditions before recasting a new basin. With so many variables it was felt that excavating a new basin and casting on fresh ground would be easier and potentially cheaper.

What environmental factors have been taken into consideration in the design?

The new facility is targeting a BREEAM very good rating. This is informing the current design development which will include an element of photovoltaic cells on the roof of the sports hall as well as air tightness measures and good building practice following Building Regulation requirements.

How do I find out more about the new facility? How will the community be kept informed of developments?

Ros Griffiths Community Engagement Manager is managing communications and available to talk to any group, organisation or resident who would like to find out more about the new facility 01225 718372

Contact Ros if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions. For example you might have an idea for a community arts project to decorate the reception area, or for setting up a new community group based at the site or to volunteer in some way. Please get in touch.

Cllr Paul Oatway is the lead Area Board member

Regular updates will be shared with the community using the Pewsey Our Community Matters Blog, Ros Griffiths CEM Twitter account and the Pewsey Area Board Facebook page.

Updates are also provided at each Area Board meeting.

What will happen during the build period?

The leisure centre will close in Februaryfor the entire duration of the build (approximately 18 months). We appreciate that this may cause disruption for customers using the site and will endeavour to work with those individuals, groups and clubs to  accommodate them elsewhere in the interim build period.  A temporary leisure provision will be provided, from the Fordbrook estate.

What management and governance arrangements will be in place?

A health and wellbeing management team will be set up. This team will include the main users of the centre and will be responsible for overseeing the day to day management of the building. It will report to the area board with its recommendations as necessary.

The team will be advised and supported by the local Community Engagement Manager (CEM) who will act as a single point of contact between the team and the area board. The team will work with the area board to deliver strategic objectives, tackle locally agreed priorities and improve the health and general wellbeing of the area.

Is the community involved in the design process?

The Campus Team (previously called Community Operations Board comprising local community representatives) was in operation between 2011 and 2015 and responsible for consulting with the community and developing the specification for the new facility along with key stakeholders. The team was disbanded in November 2015 but individual members have been invited to stay involved in an advisory capacity:

  • Marilyn Hunt and Curly Haskell (Pewsey Parish Council) –  Design and Procurement
  • John Rogers and Curly Haskell – Communications
  • David Line – Health and Wellbeing / Leisure
  • Charmian Spikernell – Environment

What is happening with the Library site?

A community hub will be developed at the library site. The site currently has ‘touch down’ facilities for Council staff and partners to the rear of the site, a meeting space (8-10 seating capacity) and changing places facility.

If you are interested in using the meeting space at the library please contact 01225 718372


What will the wheeled sports area look like?

The wheeled sports area (a space to  scoot,  skateboard and bmx) will be designed by young people. A wheeled sports scoping group has been formed to plan a consultation meeting later in the year, to generate interest across the local youth network and to form a local group to manage the facility.

Section 106 monies are available for the fit out of the wheeled sports area

If you are interested in getting involved in the Wheeled sports area either as a user or volunteer the Pewsey Area Board would love to hear from you. Contact:


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